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 HeaderSo What Exactly Is Air Conditioning?


Cooling fan iconAir conditioning is defined as the altering of properties of air, namely temperature and humidity so as to ensure that the surrounding environment is favorable to the occupants. In simple terms, air con is all about making homes and other buildings inhabitable both in winter and summer. An air conditioning system caters for the well-being of the household by functioning in various ways. For starters, it regulates the humidity in the air and ensures it stays at a level that is bearable. The air con unit also cools down the building during hot summer months and also removes microorganisms, dust and other foreign items that might be present in air. Another important function of air con units is to heat rooms during those very cold winter months. Air conditioning units also continuously supply ventilation to the building. Now that you know the basics of AC, let’s move on to the other facts that you should have at your fingertips.



AboutHeaderTypes of Air Conditioning Systems


If you are thinking of installing an AC system in your home or commercial building, you should talk to a HVAC who will suggest the best systems. There are different systems and units for different application and you should opt for one that efficiently meets your needs. Window air conditioners are the preferred units for single rooms. This type of air con has all the components enclosed in a single box, which makes it very convenient for small spaces. These components are the compressor, evaporator, expansion coil, cooling coil and condenser.


A split air conditioner is made up of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The outdoor unit is installed outside the house and contains the compressor, condenser and expansion coil. The great thing about this type of air con unit is that you do not have to make a slot in your wall to have it installed. You can use this to cool one or two rooms. If you wish to cool a larger space, you might want to opt for a packaged air conditioner while a central air conditioning unit is preferred for big buildings such as hotels, offices, schools and other commercial buildings.


HeaderCosts of Air Conditioning


Air conditioning costsThe cheapest portable air conditioning unit you’ll find will cost you in the neighborhood of £200. However, the usual price for air con units is in the range of £250-£500. Sometimes, the price may go up to £850 depending on the unit you choose. Also, different contractors will sell their air con units at different prices even if they are the same model. This is why it is important to get different quotes from different contractors before settling for the best offer. It is important to note that most portable air con units you find are technically not air conditioners but air coolers. Air coolers are usually quieter than air conditioners.


For air con units that required to be installed, you should expect prices starting from £600. It is also important to factor in the running costs involved in operating an HVAC system. Take note of the BTU rating as it will give you an indication of what to expect as far as the running costs are involved. For instance, a machine that is rated as 10,000 BTU will cost you 10p an hour to run, while one that is rated as 12,000 BTU will cost you 12p and hour and so on.





HeaderThe Best Locations For Installation


In order for an air conditioning unit to be effective, proper duct work must be put in place. Duct work is what allows the cooled or heated air to be transported throughout the rooms in the building. There are different types of ductwork that are chosen for both residential and commercial buildings. Usually, the installation is done in the basement or attic if it’s a home, and above suspended ceilings for commercial buildings such as offices. The goal is to have the installation done in areas which do not receive a lot of traffic.



HeaderProfessional Installation


LocationsFor a lot of DIY enthusiasts, anything that looks like a challenge is always welcome. However, when it comes to installing electric systems such as the HVAC, you might want to leave the work to the professionals. Professionals are best equipped to decide where and how to install the systems. Usually, installation of air con units is done at the same time as the electrical wiring of the house. Installing the ductwork is the most labor intensive part of air con installation. It is best if you allow the professionals to check which type of ductwork works best with your house and then go ahead and install it. Working with professionals will also give you the assurance of having someone to turn to should anything go wrong.



HeaderTop Brands


Mitsubishi logoMitsubishi manufactures a series of various air conditioning units to choose from. You can opt for inverter-equipped models and casette models or even floor standing types. The choice will depend on the your usage needs.


Toshiba logo
Toshiba is renowned as a leading manufacturer of electronics and this applies to air conditioning systems too. Toshiba air conditioners are well-rated for not only being efficient but also top of the range in terms of technology and aesthetic appeal too.


Goodman, Samsung and Panasonic are other air conditioner manufacturers that you should definitely look into if you want a unit that will serve you efficiently.


HeaderCompare Air Conditioning Quotes


When shopping for air conditioners, the key thing to remember is that you should not be too quick to make to make a decision. Take time to gauge your needs and to get multiple quotes as this helps you compare prices. Most contractors are more than willing to give you free quotes and even walk you through the entire process of purchase and installation. Getting an air conditioning system installed is a substantial financial undertaking and as such should be undertaken with the seriousness and patience it deserves. And remember, a cheap price is not always a good sign so do not make your decision based on the price only.